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FAQ for Parking Merchants (Selling Parking)

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I don't see the Event I am Looking for in the App

- You can request an Event be added through the App from the Menu or on the first page of the App. We do our best to capture events across the United States but we do miss some. Please send us an event request through the app. Thank You!

Are Bookings Refundable?

Bookings are not refundable but are protected by a service delivery gurantee. If a merchant does not provide the service they sold (e.g. providing a parking spot), we will refund your purchase. Contact us through the support chat in the app or at if you need help with this.

How do I contact you?

1) You can contact us throught the app using the support chat feature in the Menu. 2) You can contact us at

I can't see the address of the parking spot ?

The exact locaiton of the parking spot will be provided after you book the spot.

How do I change which Event I am trying to Buy Parking for?

If you see the Map, the cards on the bottom of the Map page are the different events in that area. Select the event you want parking for by tapping on the card for that event.

What is Passive Check In?

Passive Check In means the seller may not be at the physical location when you arrive. You can park your car at the location and leave. Make sure you add the vehicle you are bringing to your booking because the seller may check your license plate number to confirm your purchase later.

How do I Check In?

After your book a parking spot, a booking will be added to the "My Bookings" tab in the Menu. This will contain a QR code for your booking as well as the option to add a vehicle to your booking. You will be checked in with that QR code or with the license plate number of the vehicle you add to that booking. There are 2 methods a seller may check you in: Active or Passive 1) Active: Someone will be at the parking location when you arrive and check you in with the QR code or by your license plate 2) Passive: No one will be at the parking location and you can just park and leave. Later the seller may check the license plates of the parked vehicles to confirm purchases. The spot details will inform you whether the seller is using Active or Passive check in.

How does ParkOut securely process my payments and protect my financial information?

ParkOut partners with Stripe to protect your financial information and securely process your payment. Stripe is a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringenet level of certification available in the payments industry. Stripe also handles payments for many large companies like Google, Amazon, and Lyft.