5 Ways to promote your book on a small budget

Promoting your book requires planning and consistency. And although there are several tools and resources available to help you do this, they can be pretty pricey over time.

Here are 5 ways you can promote your book right NOW - even if you have a small (or nonexistent budget).

1. Google Alerts. Whether you want to sell more books, get more reviews, or become a household name, starting with your ideal readers is always best. You can do this by creating Google alerts for the phrases that are most likely to bring people who will love your book to its page (for example: "book about dogs"). This tool can also be great if you are interested in finding speaking opportunities (both paid and for exposure) to help spread the word about your work.

2. Set up your own book tour or virtual book tour including podcast interviews, YouTube/Facebook/IG Live interviews, and guest posting on blogs. One of my favorite tools to help people spread the word about their books is a process I call O.P.P. - Other People's Platforms. This works very well if you are tuned into the podcasts, platforms, and content that your readers frequent.

3. Host a raffle or giveaway. Not only will this help you build your list, but it will also allow you to be creative with how you do the giveaway. For example, you can encourage people to purchase the book and enter into the contest by asking what happens on a certain page, what a specific character says, etc. Or you can ask people to share about your book and tag you, and select a winner that way. But make sure that you have a juicy give to get people interested.

4. Partner with book clubs and writing groups. Collaborating with these kinds of groups can increase your visibility and they can help you spread the word about your book launch and any other things you have going on.

5. Create your own street team or fan club! Your street team are die-hard fans who volunteer to help you spread the word about your work. Now, the difference between this group and the groups mentioned in #4 is simple... intention and attention. Your street team knows exactly why they are there. They are excited to help you spread the word because they enjoy your work that much. They can share flyers, graphics, posts, trailers, events, and the list goes on. But even though they are volunteering to help, make sure you have a plan and process to reward them for their help and support. (Think special tee shirts, special event ticket rates, and any other merch that will let them know they are appreciated and part of your team.)

And as a bonus, let me remind you about joint ventures - the average reader is spending about $100 a year on books? That's $100 not spent creating marketing materials, promo events, advertising campaigns. However, if you're willing to partner with other authors and share funds for advertisement or joint book tours (or anything else), this can be beneficial to everyone in evolved. Your collaborative efforts would build your audiences, sell more books and make being the CEO of your Author Brand feel less like you're on an island.

What are some cost-effective book promotion steps you've taken?

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