A Book is Published on Amazon every 5 minutes, are You Getting Lost in the Shuffle?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

It has been a book-selling whirlwind over the past few years, but 2014 was especially impressive. The book publishing industry continues to boom as more and more people buy books online from sites like Amazon and eBooks from companies like Kobo. In fact, in 2014 a book was published to Amazon every 5 minutes (Codex Research Group, 2019)!And most of them don’t have a strategy to complete with the 7500 books published to Amazon each day.

So how do you publish the books and stories you dream up and make a living with your words?

1) You must have a strategy that allows you to nurture readers and fans so that they become customers when the time comes

2) Diversify your income stream. Figure out the best 'Author Business Model' for you and your financial goals and run with it.

3) Don't forget the additional products OR services that your audience would love to get from you. This could be short stories about your fictional characters, or planners/journals/notebooks for non-fiction work.

4) Focus on creating an experience for your readers so that they look forward to your next release.

5) What platform do you want to publish your book on? Get familiar with the pros and cons of each (print, eBooks, audiobooks ) and find out what will work for you. Do what works for you and what makes sense for your overall goals.

6) Be patient! It takes some time to build a readership and book sales at a consistent level. Make sure you stick with it and start this process even BEFORE your book is done and ready to publish.

7) List ALL of the skills you used to write and publish your book, figure out which ones you enjoyed the most, then start freelancing.

8) Consider Author newsletter swaps, Book collaborations, and speaking at book conferences, as a way to get in the room (and sell books) to wider audiences. This works best if you have taken the time to really get to know what your audience likes.

Positioning and selling more books is something that we creatives can sometimes struggle with. And it is important for you to understand that your book is a viable business. It requires goals, planning, strategy, and a strong foundation to make a living with our creative genius. And while some would have you believe that you must be a starving artist, I know that you can make another decision, get results, and make a living with your creativity., In fact, I firmly believe that 'BRILLIANCE SHOULDN'T BE BROKE!

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