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iNOW Publishing was established with the primary mission to remove (or simply ignore) the boundaries of publishing.  With this goal in mind, our catalog includes everything from Family Saga’s and Fantasy to mind-blowing thrillers, because our authors are focused more on telling fresh new stories than following the “formulas of writing”. We are focused on bringing new and exciting worlds to every reader.  Our Authors are unrestricted and often offer works across several different genres.  And yes, this includes Poetry. Our creative specialists and authors are hard at work on several new projects, so make sure that you check the catalog regularly.  Also, feel free to browse and connect to the authors on our roster.  That's the best way to stay up to date on the different worlds that they have created. Items from our catalog are not only available through our bookstore, but also across several other platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Audible.  Feel free to connect to the authors on our roster and dive into the new and exciting worlds that they have created.  Also, as of 01/01/2021, we are accepting represented and unrepresented submissions.

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